Crowd Manthan is committed to ensuring that all campaigns on our platform are legitimate and comply with our eligibility criteria. To achieve this, we have established a verification process for all creators who submit campaign proposals to our platform.

  1. Initial Verification
  • Creators must provide basic information about themselves and their campaign idea during the initial submission process.
  • Crowd Manthan will review the information provided and conduct a preliminary verification of the creator’s identity and eligibility.
  • The creator will be notified if their submission has been accepted or rejected based on the initial verification.
  1. Document Verification
  • Upon acceptance of the submission, Crowd Manthan will require the creator to provide documents to verify their identity and eligibility, such as government-issued IDs, legal registration certificates, or tax identification numbers. (PAN, Aadhaar, MSME certificate, bank proof etc.)
  • The creator must provide accurate and complete information and documentation to complete the verification process.
  • Crowd Manthan will review the documents provided and conduct a thorough verification process to ensure that the creator and their campaign meet our eligibility criteria.
  1. Approval and Launch
  • If the verification process is successful, Crowd Manthan will approve the campaign and the creator will be notified.
  • The creator will be required to set a fundraising goal, a deadline, and a fee structure for their campaign, which will be reviewed and approved by Crowd Manthan.
  • The campaign will be launched on the Crowd Manthan platform and will be visible to potential donors.

By submitting a campaign proposal to Crowd Manthan, the creator agrees to comply with the verification process and provide accurate and complete information and documentation. Crowd Manthan reserves the right to reject any campaign proposal that does not meet the eligibility criteria or violates the rules, and to take necessary actions to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.