Here are some general guidelines that you should consider before using Crowd Manthan services:

Eligibility: you need to self analyze by determining this rule, for details you can also refer to eligibility criteria separately.

  • Age
  • Geographic location
  • Types of campaigns
  • Legal status
  • Ethical considerations
  • Verification process
  • Review process

 Campaign Content:  content not allowed on our platform, such as hateful, abusive, or illegal content. You should also require that all campaigns clearly state the purpose of the funding and how the funds will be used.

Projects Must Create Something to Share with Others: As a requirement for campaigns on our crowd funding platform, you can ensure that each project must have a tangible output that can be shared with others. This could include products, services, or creative works that can be distributed to backers or customers.

By requiring projects to have a tangible output, it can help ensure that campaigns on our platform are focused on creating value for others, and that backers are getting something in return for their contributions. This can also help build trust and credibility for your platform, as backers will be more likely to support projects that have a clear and compelling value proposition.

Honesty and clarity are required in the presentation of projects and backer statistics

To ensure transparency and build trust with backers, we require that project creators provide honest and clear information about their projects, including how the funds raised will be used, and any risks or challenges associated with the project. Additionally, any statistics related to backers, such as the number of backers or the amount of funding raised, are accurate and up-to-date.

By ensuring honesty and clarity in project presentations and backer statistics, you can help ensure that backers have a clear understanding of what they are supporting, and that they can make informed decisions about where to allocate their funds. This can also help build trust and credibility for your platform, as backers will be more likely to support projects that are transparent and honest about their goals and objectives

Financial Information: Require that all campaigns include accurate and up-to-date financial information, including how funds will be used and any fees or commissions that will be charged through the platform.

Fraud Protection: Implement measures to prevent fraud on your platform, such as verifying the identity of campaign creators and monitoring campaigns for suspicious activity. You can report any suspicious activity or campaign on

Transparency: Require that campaign creators provide regular updates to donors on the status of their campaign and how the funds are being used.

Refunds: Creators have to specify the circumstances under which refunds will be issued to donors, and how they can request a refund. Also, refer to terms of use and privacy for more information

Intellectual Property:

  • Ownership: Require that project creators have legal ownership or permission to use any intellectual property featured in their project, including trademarks, copyrighted material, and patented inventions.
  • Infringement: Prohibit any campaigns that infringe on the intellectual property of others. This can include campaigns that sell counterfeit or unauthorized merchandise, use copyrighted or trademarked material without permission, or violate the patents of others.

Platform fee and other financials:

  •  We charge 5% of total campaign amount collected.
  • All charges applied by 3rd party services will be bear by creator including any payment gateway charges at the time of donor’s contribution or Project Goal Amount Withdrawal.
  • Crowd Manthan do not offer any refund.

Projects can’t fundraise for charity: Crowd Manthan has a vision to help startups and many businesses to grow and nurture, hence we do not raise funds for any charity.

Projects can’t offer equity: Crowd Manthan does not allow investment. Also, Incentives like equity, income sharing, or investment opportunities are not permitted for projects.

Prohibited items: we prohibit the use of our crowdfunding platform for projects that involve the sale or promotion of prohibited items. This can include illegal items, such as drugs or weapons, as well as items that are prohibited by our platform’s policies and Indian laws, such as adult content or counterfeit goods. Click here to know more prohibited items.