We forbid products that the creator did not manufacture, as well as initiatives that are unlawful, highly restricted, or potentially hazardous for backers.

  1. Projects that promote discrimination, bigotry, or intolerance towards marginalized groups
  2. Weapons, replicas of weapons, and weapon accessories.
  3. Live animals. Projects cannot include live animals as a reward.
  4. Anything that makes the promise that it can identify, treat, prevent, or cure a disease (whether via a device, app, book, nutritional supplement, or other means).
  5. Contests, coupons, gambling, and raffles (lottery).
  6. Energy foods and beverages.
  7. Offensive content (e.g., hate speech, encouraging violence against others, etc).
  8. Offering a genetically modified organism as a reward.
  9. Offering alcohol as a reward.
  10. Political fundraising.
  11. Pornographic material.
  12. Projects that reuse or share pre-existing content without making any original contributions or attempting to iterate the concept in any manner.
  13. All rewards must have been produced or designed by the project or one of its creators — no reselling things from elsewhere.
  14. Drugs, nicotine, tobacco, vaporizers and related paraphernalia.

If your project involves something illegal, heavily regulated, or potentially dangerous for backers and it is not on this list, please contact us before starting your project.