Welcome to Crowd Manthan, a crowdfunding platform dedicated to supporting innovative and creative projects and business ventures that align with our mission of promoting healthy business environments and developing talent.

To ensure that our platform is used for the best projects and campaigns, we have established the following eligibility and compliance criteria:

  1. Creator Eligibility
  • Creators must be above 18 years of age to start a campaign on our platform.
  • Campaign donors must be over 16 years of age.
  • Creators must be legally registered entities, such as non-profits, corporations, or sole proprietorships.
  • Creators must provide all required documents to Crowd Manthan to verify their legal status and eligibility.
  1. Geographic Location
  • Crowd Manthan is currently focused on supporting creators from India only.
  • Donations can be made globally, and we hope to expand our services to other locations in the future.
  1. Types of Campaigns
  • We accept campaigns for creative projects and business ventures that align with our platform’s mission and values. Check rules.
  • We do not support campaigns that promote hate speech, discrimination, or unethical practices.
  1. Fundraising Goals and Fees
  • Creators must set a realistic fundraising goal for their campaign, which must be clearly stated in the project proposal.
  • Creators must set a fundraising deadline, which must be within a specified time frame from the start of the crowdfunding campaign.
  • Crowd Manthan will collect the funds raised for the campaign and disburse them to the creator.
  • Crowd Manthan will charge a fee for its services, which will be deducted from the total funds raised.
  • The fee charged by Crowd Manthan will be clearly stated on the project page and may vary based on the campaign’s progress and demand.

By submitting a campaign proposal to Crowd Manthan, the creator agrees to comply with the rules and criteria outlined above, and to provide accurate and complete information for their project documentation. Crowd Manthan reserves the right to reject any campaign proposal that does not meet the eligibility criteria or violates the rules, and to take necessary actions to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Thank you for choosing Crowd Manthan to support your project or campaign. We look forward to helping you turn your ideas into reality.