We at Crowd Manthan are dedicated to giving new things a chance to exist. Transparency, trust, respect, and honesty are some of the fundamental principles that underpin our community. We must all work together to spread novel concepts and ensure that Crowd Manthan upholds these principles. We have a few guidelines for debate on Crowd Manthan in order to facilitate this.

Voicing, expressing annoyance, and posting unfavourable comments are not always against our rules. The best course of action may be to honestly engage and clarify to rebuild trust if sincere input becomes critical.

We DO NOT allow:

  • Abuse. This includes personal attacks, harassment, intimidation, threats, bigotry, slurs, supports of violence, or discrimination against marginalized groups.
  • Spam. This includes any attempt to clutter or derail authentic conversation, such as unsolicited advertisements, trolling, and excessive message flooding.
  • Doxing. This includes publishing personal or identifiable information about a user that was obtained from a source other than Crowd Manthan. Even if this information is already public, posting information that a person did not provide would be considered doxing by us.

Please DO:

  • Engage in lively, respectful discussion about the project.
  • Give constructive feedback and ask questions.
  • As a backer, pledge because you believe in the project.
  • As a creator, be transparent about how your creation is going and keep everyone informed.

If you see something, say something.

If something seems off, let us know by reporting it. Our Trust & Safety team reviews every report we receive.

What happens if someone violates the Community Guidelines?

We take action based on the severity of the violation. Knowingly and repeatedly violating these guidelines can also escalate the action we take, which can include:

  • Sending a warning by email
  • Comment removal
  • Temporary or permanent restrictions on an account, such as removing the ability to comment, message, or back future projects

As our community grows and changes, so will the way we evaluate and enforce these guidelines. It’s up to all of us to ensure that Crowd Manthan remains a safe and fun place to launch and back projects. Thanks for being a part of the Crowd Manthan community!